Minecraft Story Mode Trailer Revealed


Several months ago now Telltale teased a new episodic, story based game set in the Minecraft universe.  Telltale is known for their very serious and very adult tone in story telling with games like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  At first, when they announced a partnership with Minecraft, I think most people were a little curious about just what that game might look like.  Today, at Minecon 2015, we found out.

The game looks good so far.  Definitely has the feel of the Minecraft world.  While, at the same time, you are getting full voice acted characters and what appears to be a deep story set in this world.  It definitely looks interesting.  I’ll be looking forward to more details and some actual gameplay soon.  But so far, this looks like a game I can’t wait to play.  What do you think, comment below.


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