We posted out review for Ant-Man already.  In the review we try to be spoiler free.  But, in !SPOILERS! we talk about everything.  If you haven’t watched Ant-Man yet, bookmark this page and come back once you’ve seen it.  If you’d already seen it, let’s talk about it.  Spoilers follow, you’ve been warned.

#1 – Pym Particles


One of the bigger departures from the comic is that the film features the Pym Particles as a formula that powers a suit which then allows Ant-Man to change size. In the comics, Hank Pym actually possess the Pym Particles inside of himself, thus allowing him to shrink and grow at his will, no suit needed.  This seems to work very well within a more grounded Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it’s easy to see why the decision was made.

However, I hypothesized going into the movie that Hank didn’t need a suit…and I still hold to that theory.  In the film we never see Hank, outside of a brief flashback, in the suit or using the powers.  When Scott confronts him about wearing the suit himself, he responds by saying, “I can’t, the suit has taken a toll on me.” [paraphrase].  I feel there may be a little more to that, and if we get Douglas back for the sequel, we may see that the particles were injected into his body which is turn is what has taken a toll on him…and maybe even lead to his death.

#2 – The Wasp’s Death


We do get confirmation that Janet and Hank were married.  During the beginning of the movie you are lead to believe that she died in a plane crash, but anyone who knows the characters probably suspected a little more.  And sure enough, at about the mid-way point, Hank finally tells Hope that Janet joined him on his missions as The Wasp. And, on the day she died, in order to complete their mission, someone had to shrink down to the molecule level in order to stop a missile. It was a nice moment shared between Hank and Hope and I think I even went a little misty eyed myself when Hank tells Hope that her mother died a hero.

We do get Hank explaining to Scott what happens when you go sub-atomic and that time ceases to be and you are just present forever.  Then, in the finale of the movie, Scott has to also go sub-atomic and floats around for a while.  Some of the filmmakers have said that there might be something shown there that Scott couldn’t see, which is a heavy handed hint that Janet could still be alive.  At the end of the movie, it seems pretty clear that Hank is going to begin searching for Janet once more. My only fear about what this might hold for the future, is that if time doesn’t pass in the void, when Janet is saved, she will probably be more closely aged to Scott and Hope.  That might be a weird dichotomy for such a great ensemble cast and, more importantly, how would she relate to her aged husband? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

#3 – Hope Van Dyne


Hope never actually appeared in Marvel proper, or the 616 universe.  Hope was part of an alternate universe called MC2.  In the MC2, both Hank and Janet are dead and Hope has a twin brother, Henry Jr.  They are super-villains in the MC2 known as The Red Queen (Hope) and Big Man (Henry Jr.).

With that little bit of knowledge, here Marvel basically gets to create the character from scratch.  In the movie there doesn’t appear to be a twin brother (although, never count anything out in a comic movie).  And we get that Hope appears to be very in tune with her father’s work, which is shown by her control of the ants.

She might be the most interesting characters from the movie, if for no other reason than she is a blank slate with no expected path.  She could become the new Wasp (more on that next) and join the Avengers, she could become the Red Queen and swear against Hank and Scott, or she could just kick Scott to the curb and become The Ant Woman.  And, with Evagenline Lilly bringing her to life, there is a bright future for Ms. Van Dyne.

#4 – The Wasp 2.0


The Mid-Credits scene shows Hank talking to Hope and saying that he has something to show her.  He then takes her into a room and reveals a suit that He and Janet were working on.  He said he thought it was for Janet, but it appears that it was for her all along.  Hope smiles and says it’s about time.

Couple of things, first, the suit is kind of ugly.  It’s similar in design to Scott’s suit, but it’s a brighter blue and red, as opposed to Scott’s dark red and black.  To be honest, it reminded me of an American Gladiator costume.  This is something that can be addressed, of course, and knowing what we know from Hope’s character in the film, she will probably want to differentiate herself from Scott as much as possible.

Second, all roads now point to the Avengers.  Both Ant-Man and Wasp were members of the Original Avengers in the comics.  With us closing in on Phase 3, we are going to have to start seeing some turn over.  We know Ant-Man is already confirmed for Cap 3, so it’s only a matter of time before the Wasp joins as well.

And just a side note, Janet (the Wasp) in the Ultimate Universe had a very serious romantic relationship with Captain America, so being on a team with Cap and Scott could cause a bit of friction.

#5 – Ant-Venger


Finally, the movie closes with a Post-Credits scene, as all Marvel films do.  Here, we see The Winter Solider on his knees, with his arm in a vice of some sort, so that he can’t move.  And we see Cap and Falcon discussing what to do.  Falcon says, with a smirk, “I think I know a guy.”  And we are confident, based on their interaction in the movie and the final scene, that Falcon is talking about Ant-Man. Thanks to the casting list we already know that Ant-Man shows up in Captain America 3: Civil War.  And with the apparent, mutual respect that Falcon and Ant-Man have for each other, it’s safe to say that Ant-Man will probably fall in line on Cap’s since of the war.  Another thing to think about is that, in the comic, Janet (Wasp) falls on Iron Man’s side of this war.  So, if Hope is basically filling that “Wasp” role in the MCU, could we see her pop up in Civil War?  And, even if she doesn’t, Scott supporting Cap might be a larger issue they share in Ant-Man 2.  Either way, we have a lot to look forward to in Phase 3 and beyond for Ant-Man and friends.


Well, there you have it.  We’ve spoiled Ant-Man.  Do you agree or disagree with anything above.  Are there other spoilers you caught that should be discussed. Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it.


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