The Cost of Buying Disney Infinity 3.0 on Xbox


Disney Infinity has confirmed, via Twitter, that the digital version of Disney Infinity 3.0 will cost $29.99. However, if you purchase the game at launch on either Playstation or Wii U digital services, it will cost you $19.99.

This is bad news, not just for Xbox fans but for Xbox proper.  Let me tell you why…


Here’s the deal, when it comes to 1st Party software, Microsoft doesn’t really do Family Friendly. Rare is the one exception to this. So, if you are a family gamer, looking for kid friendly stuff on the Xbox One, then you are basically looking at their 3rd party lineup. There is a decent selection of games out there like TT’s LEGO games, Skylanders, and the game in question, Disney Infinity.  


This Sunday, 8/30, Disney is releasing Disney Infinity 3.0 on all platforms. There are two ways to get the game: (1) Buy a bundle with starter figures and base or (2) Buy the game digital or at retail and just upgrade what you already have. Now, Disney has already partnered with Sony on a starter bundle that includes the game, twilight playset, empire playset, and 5 figures (Anakin, Ashoka, Luke, Leia, and Boba Fett)…and it’s worth mentioning that for the foreseeable future Boba Fett is only available in the Playstation exclusive Saga bungle.


The second option is for people who already own previous Disney Infinity stuff, like us here at Geek Family Media. Owning both 1.0 and 2.0 and too many figures to count, it would be in our best interest to upgrade to a digital (or retail) version of the software and just buy the new playsets and figures that we want. However, in light of this new information shared by Disney Infinity’s tweet, if you own the previous version on Xbox One and want to upgrade digitally you are going to be charged $29.99. Now, to be clear, that is the MSRP from Disney Infinity. Sony and Nintendo are knocking off $10 for their consumers and selling it for $19.99. So Microsoft isn’t doing anything wrong…but they clearly aren’t doing anything to help themselves or their customers.

To show what this looks like, let’s do some Math:

If you are new on Xbox One/Wii U:

  • Starter Bundle – $64.99
  • Rise of the Empire Playset – $34.99
  • Extra Figure (which CAN’T be Boba Fett) – $13.99
  • Total: $113.97

If you are new on Playstation 4:

  • Saga Bundle – $114.99
  • (This is the only way you can get Boba Fett right now)
  • Total: $114.99

If you are returning on Xbox One:

  • Digital Game – $29.99
  • Rise of the Empire Playset – $34.99
  • Extra Figure – $13.99
  • Total: $78.97

If you are returning on Wii U/Playstation 4:

  • Digital Game – $19.99
  • Rise of the Empire Playset – $34.99
  • Extra Figure – $13.99
  • Total: $68.97

As you can see, new adopters will save about $10 by playing on Xbox One but won’t have access to the Boba Fett figure (which may or may not be worth the extra $10 depending on who you are). However, if you are a returning customers, you will pay $10 to play the game on Xbox One.  What’s ever worse, if you own any of the previous games on an Xbox Platform and want to jump over to 3.0 on PS4 or Wii U, you can’t. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One base is proprietary so it can only be used on an Xbox system. So if you did want to make that jump, you can figure in the cost of a base that is compatible with Playstation or Wii U, which at that point it would probably be cheaper just to buy the bundle.  


Right now, you have to add Disney Infinity 3.0 in the loss column for Xbox. Not only did they lose the exclusive Boba Fett figure to Sony at launch, but there is no incentive for any returning Infinity customer to stay on the Xbox platform. This story is developing today. I have reached out to Microsoft for clarification of the digital Xbox pricing. Best case scenario, they will see the price disparity and make the appropriate adjustment. But if you are looking into picking up your copy of Disney Infinity 3.0 on Sunday, this is something that you need to really consider as to where you are going to play the game. I will update the story as any new details emerge.  


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