FamilyGamerTV’s Super Mario Maker Family Challenge

Well, Round 1 of the Super Mario Maker Family Challenge on FamilyGamerTV is complete. If you missed any of the videos, here they are again:

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –

Round 2 will begin soon, where each family completes to get the best score on each individual level. So be on the lookout!

As a bonus, you can check out the William’s family building here level over at FamilyGamerRadio.


Toy Talk – The Good Dinosaur


We are still about a month away from The Good Dinosaur hitting theaters, but this weekend at a local target I ran across a few of the toys from the film. After looking over them, I found a little more detail about what can be expected from the November releasing Pixar film.

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Disney Pixar’s Lineup Revealed

Disney-Pixar-slate-through-2019While these images were shown at D23 this year, Disney has just put dates on each one.

A couple of interesting notes.  First, you will notice that The Good Dinosaur is still scheduled for 2015, making a it the first time that Pixar has ever released 2 movies in the same year.  And, from the poster, you will see that Coco and Cars 3 will both be out in 2017. The Good Dinosaur was actually due out in 2014 (which didn’t see a Pixar release) but was later delayed until 11/15. That means that 2017 would have been the first scheduled year to feature 2 films.  Then we are back to just 1 film in 2018 and then, presumably, 1 film in 2019.  Could we see Pixar sneak another film into 2018? Either way, the future looks very bright for the Pixar brand! I’d love to hear your thoughts, share in the comments below.

Marvel Phase 3 Update – “Ant Man and the Wasp”


This news comes directly from Marvel.

They have green lit a sequel to Ant Man, called “Ant Man and the Wasp”. This is exciting for a few reasons.  First, Ant Man was pretty great so seeing the hero again will be cool. Second, having Wasp share the name of the film means she will be getting her proper time to shine and in a world of Marvel movies, we are really lacking female heroes. Outside of Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Gamora…who do we have? Now, we are getting Jessica Jones on Netflix this year, Wasp in 2018 and then Captain Marvel in 2019. Sure, that still not a lot of super ladies, but we are moving in the right direction!


“Ant Man and the Wasp” has a release date of 7/6/18, which drops it right in the middle of Phase 3.

New LEGO Line Announced – Nexo Knights


The LEGO Group just announced on a Twitter a new line from 2016 that they are debuting at New York Comic Con.  It’s called “NEXO KNIGHTS” and appears to be a Tech based Medieval theme. At first look, I assumed this would be something along the Bionicle/Hero lines, but when I reached out for clarification on Twitter, LEGO confirmed that it would, in fact, be a MiniFig based line…and shared a picture of the figures.

As a huge fan, I’m pretty excited about this. With Ninjago, LEGO joined ancient ninja with tech and it appears they may be taking the same approach here. If they can capture the same kind of spark, this could be another successful line to add to the LEGO family. Hopefully we will see more as NYCC kicks off.