Marvel Phase 3 Update – “Ant Man and the Wasp”


This news comes directly from Marvel.

They have green lit a sequel to Ant Man, called “Ant Man and the Wasp”. This is exciting for a few reasons.  First, Ant Man was pretty great so seeing the hero again will be cool. Second, having Wasp share the name of the film means she will be getting her proper time to shine and in a world of Marvel movies, we are really lacking female heroes. Outside of Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Gamora…who do we have? Now, we are getting Jessica Jones on Netflix this year, Wasp in 2018 and then Captain Marvel in 2019. Sure, that still not a lot of super ladies, but we are moving in the right direction!


“Ant Man and the Wasp” has a release date of 7/6/18, which drops it right in the middle of Phase 3.


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