Toy Talk – The Good Dinosaur


We are still about a month away from The Good Dinosaur hitting theaters, but this weekend at a local target I ran across a few of the toys from the film. After looking over them, I found a little more detail about what can be expected from the November releasing Pixar film.

The Good Dinosaur figures were found nestled away on the Pres-school isle where you would find such toys as Paw Patrol, Thomas the Train, and Imaginex. In the middle, next to some other Pixar toys were hanging pegs labeled for The Good Dinosaur toys. There were carded figures in the $7.99 range and then a box set for $39.99.


Let’s start with the Carded Figures. There were 4 different characters available, though from the back of the card it looks like their may be 6 total. The 4 in stock was “Young” Arlo, Sam, Vivian, and Spot and Giant Beetle. They appear to be in a 3 ¾ scale, though it’s hard to tell. The Dinos are various sizes and Spot was maybe an inch.  

“Sam” and “Vivian” are both dinosaurs who appear to be supporting cast. However, I don’t believe they’ve appeared in any video footage yet.


Not much is gained from these two figures, other than just knowing we will see their interactions with our main characters at some point.

Spot, because he is very small, comes with a Giant Beetle. The fact that the beetle isn’t given a proper name, makes me think it’s just something to fill the package with and that maybe we will have a beetle attack in the movie at some point. However, the writing on the back gives us a little hint as to Spot’s character.


It says, “Living on your own in a world of dinosaurs as a little boy isn’t easy but wild and tenacious spot begins to show his loyal side when he befriends as Apatosaurus named Arlo.” So we are to understand that Spot is a wild one and that he might not be very trusting of Dinosaurs from the start. This would make sense as in a world where Dinosaurs still exist, Man is a very small obstacle.

Now, the Arlo figure has a few things that are telling. Let’s start with the title, the package calls him “Young Arlo”.


That would hint at a drastic time change in the film. Thoughts here are, we could start on a Young Arlo before our adventure starts. We could maybe see him dealing with parent issues like Finding Nemo. Or, we could see Arlo meet Spot when he’s young and their adventure takes a lot longer than we would probably think, and at the end of the quest he’s become an adult Dino, think Simba’s journey in The Lion King. Or, he could spend the whole movie as Young Arlo, and be telling us this story from the future, so we see him as older at the beginning and/or end of the movie telling the story of their adventure to Spot’s grandkids or something. Either way, it’s an interesting way to title the figure.


The back of Arlo’s card also gives us some more story detail. It reads, “The runt of a family of Apatosaurus, Arlo finds himself far from home and must brave the harsh wilderness to return to his farm.” There are a lot of little details in here. Most important is my theory for Arlo being lost in the first trailer. If you watch the first trailer, he looks very sad and appears to be searching for someone. Now it appears to be clear that he’s looking for his family. It also describes the location as “wilderness” meaning it’s a place that he is fully unaware of. This is probably why he is attacked by the Red Serpent in the trailer.

So, along with the carded figure, there was also a boxed set called: “Ramsey vs The Rustler”.


The set comes with 4 figures: Arlo, Spot, Ramsey, and Bubbha (The Rustler). It also sports an “Only  at Target” sticker, so it appears to be an exclusive set. The only real new information learned from this set is that the T-Rex has a name, Ramsey, and we get our first “Bad-Guy” in the form of Babbha.


Also, the note on the back says that Ramsey is fighting to protect “The Herd” from Buddha, so it would lead us to believe somewhere along the journey, Arlo and Spot meet up with a herd of various of dinosaurs and this is more than likely the place we meet Sam and Vivian as well.

Finally, there was a plush Spot hanging up as well. It was cute and cuddly.


No real story details but it was there so I wanted to include a photo.

That’s it, if you are excited about The Good Dinosaur, you can probably find these toys out there now (or in the near future). As with most Pixar films (not counting Cars), the selection is small and limited and once it’s gone will probably be gone for good, so if you want to get your hands on some Good Dinosaur merchandise I suggest you get shopping soon!


2 thoughts on “Toy Talk – The Good Dinosaur

  1. Have you watched the movie yet?

    My son picked out Sam and Vivian last month with a gift card he got for his birthday. We went to see the movie on Saturday. He had his two dinos in his lap the whole time, waiting to see them on the screen (even as supporting characters). THEY WERE NOT IN THE FILM! Like, AT ALL. Not even in the background, and certainly not as speaking roles.

    I’m a librarian and really good at researching… I have Googled my little heart out and cannot figure out who these two are, why they weren’t in the movie, anything! Any thoughts or clues?


    1. Ashley, you are exactly right. I took the family to see the film opening weekend and no Sam….no Vivian. It wasn’t even that they didn’t speak, they didn’t show up. My best guess is that they showed up in a small scene that ended up just being cut. I feel like they might have been similar to the lost travels that show up in the original “Cars” and speak with Lightning McQueen. They probably had one scene, with a line or two, and just got cut for the sake of time and pacing. I would guess we will see them in a deleted scene when the Blu Ray launches. Keep eye though and thanks for commenting!


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