4 Reasons I Sold My Nintendo Switch

I was on board with the Nintendo Switch starting with the reveal in late 2016. As a portable gamer first, how could I not be ecstatic for the first home and portable hybrid console? Leading up to the release of the system, it felt like Nintendo had nailed just about everything. The price was good, the Launch lineup was strong (with Breath of the Wild, Shovel Knight, and Snipperclips), and most important, the design was great. It was honestly the first time I was looking forward to a Nintendo launch since the GameCube. Now, 3 months in, the dust has settled, and my Switch is on the way to Pennsylvania to meets its new owner. What changed? How does a person go from an 11 on the excitement scale to not even registering? I decided to break it down into a list, so here are the 4 reasons why I sold my Switch.  

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