Nindies – 5 Games To Keep On Your Radar

Nintendo shared a very special Nindies direct on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017. The show kicked off with the surprise announcement of Super Meat Boy Forever and ended with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. The other really big news from the direct was that Steamworld Dig 2 will launch on September 21st. The direct ran for 22 minutes and showcased a number a new games that will be launching for the Switch between September and Early 2018. Here are 5 games from the direct to keep on your radar.

Nindies Cover

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It’s Time to Bring 3DS Games to Switch

H2x1_News_NintendoSwitchUnboxingAs we sit on the eve of the Metroid: Samus Returns launch date, I cannot help but think about the Nintendo Switch and it’s place in the Nintendo Ecosystem. The Switch is the first console ever to straddle the line of a Home Console and a Portable Console. In an effort to continue sales of the 3DS, Nintendo has yet to join these two libraries. I understand the initial thought behind a continued support for the 3DS, but what I don’t understand is why both consoles continue to be segregated? This is not a win for fans, of either machine, and it doesn’t appear to be a win for Nintendo either. Personally, I think it’s time that Nintendo starts releasing its new software on both the 3DS and Switch.