Predictions for the 9.13 Nintendo Direct

Nindies September 2017

Today, Nintendo has announced a 45 minute Direct, focusing on both Switch and 3DS Software, for Wednesday, September 13th. It’s a safe bet that we will see plenty of Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, PokeMon Ultra Sun/Moon, and Xenoblade 2 as those are the big headliners going into the fall. However, 45 minutes is a good chuck of time so it is likely we will see much more that just that. This will probably be Nintendo’s last big showcase for the holiday push so outside of those headlining games, here are 5 games that I think we will probably get some information on.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

Zelda DLC

Breath of the Wild, for a time, had more than a 100% attach rate on the Switch. It’s fair to say, if you own a Switch, then you have probably put dozens of hours into this masterpiece.  Nintendo announced early on the sale of a Season Pass which would include story content. To date, the only real information that we’ve been given is that it would focus on the Champions, introduced in the main game. With Mario launching in October, it would make sense to releases this DLC in November. However, the Season Pass is available now, so showcasing the DLC in this Direct could drive sales for people who haven’t jumped on board yet.

What I expect is a full length trailer for the new content and then a brief overview of the content by Aonuma himself. I expect the content to have 10+ hours of additional content and I do expect it to drop in November. I also expect there to be one more, pretty big surprise that Nintendo has not announced until now.

Rocket League

Rocket League Switch

While the Metroid Prime 4 Animated Clip Art got the most attention from Nintendo’s E3 Direct, I feel that Rocket League was the most important announcement. Rocket League coming to the Switch was a huge win for Nintendo. It showed that it’s looking at the market and trying to be relevant of the time. For years Nintendo has been known to “march to the beat of it’s own drum” and, while the Switch is still unique in what it’s doing in the hardware space, announcing Rocket League helped keep it grounded for gamers of all types.

Recently the Rocket League team has revealed Mario and Luigi Cars we well as a super slick Samus Car. Yet we still don’t have a release date for the title outside of “This year”. I would argue, outside of Odyssey, Rocket League has the potential to be the best selling game on Switch this holiday. I full expect the team to finally give us a release date. My money would be on the first week of December. I also think we will get more exclusive content announced, this time I could see an actual area, the Mushroom Kingdom Arena.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Switch

Stardew Valley took the PC world by storm when it launched in 2016. It was first announced for the Switch back in February with the first Switch focused Nindies Direct. A lot of people were pretty shocked to hear that the game was MIA for the most recent Nindies Direct. The team at Chucklefish has been very open about the game on Twitter, explaining that the game is in testing and they don’t want to announce a date until they are certain they can hit it.

The reason I think this is a lock is because I fully believe Stardew is coming in 2017. I feel like it was specifically  held back from the recent Nindies showcase for this event. The big news for Stardew Valley on Switch is that this will be the first version to include Co-Op, which is huge for the game. I feel like we will see some new content and new details on Stardew Valley complete with a release date of November.

Yooka Laylee

YookaLaylee Switch

Yooka Laylee is another game that was MIA from the most recent Nindies showcase. There is a lot of history behind this game. A Kick Starter project that was originally scheduled to come to Wii U. The team confirmed it was coming to Switch, however there has been little to no information on that release. All other versions of this game launched in April of 2017 and we still don’t have a date for the Switch version. I think many fans are at their breaking point for this game. If we don’t hear anything from Yooka Laylee on Wednesday, it might just be too late.

I am actually really hopefully for Yooka Laylee on Switch and here’s why. I think the team has a surprise in store for fans. We have heard countless devs at this point talk about how easy it is to get their game running on the Switch. It shouldn’t have taken 6 months for Playtonic to just port the same game to Switch. This leads me to believe the extra time has been going into more features for the Switch version. Now, I don’t pretend to know what those are, but I full expect a proper reveal of the game during the Nintendo Direct with a release date of early October.

Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Switch2

My final game is going to be considered controversial by most. Let’s back up a little though. During GamesCOM, Square more or less confirmed they were working on bringing Final Fantasy XV to Switch on a Live Stream. Shortly following that, the company showed a trailer for “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition”. As soon as I saw that trailer, I tweeted out that THIS is the version we will see on the Switch. Most people, were not a fan of that opinion, but I do still stand by it. Square announced that the Pocket Edition will launch on Mobile platforms this fall.

I stand by my initial reaction, if Final Fantasy XV comes to the Switch, it will be the Pocket Edition. Since the Pocket Edition is launching this fall, it is feasible to believe that a Switch port of the Pocket Edition could also launch this fall. I do believe this announcement will split fans and we would have very mixed reactions, but I do believe that Nintendo and Square will surprise everyone, show off Final Fantasy XV on the Switch and release it in November.

You will notice that I didn’t mention any 3DS stuff. Personally, I’ve moved on so it’s no longer relevant to me. I do think we will get a deep dive into PokeMon Ultra Sun/Moon as well as a newly announced title of two, but I am not expecting anything of note outside of PokeMon. I see the focus here being on the Switch.

So, what do you think? How wrong am I about Final Fantasy XV? What games do you think might show up? Let me know in the comments below.


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