The LEGO Ninjago Movie !SPOILERS!


We work hard to keep our reviews spoiler free, which you can read RIGHT HERE. However, we also love talking about spoilers, which is why this article exists. Join us as we jump into 5 of the biggest spoilers from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.


#1 – Ultimate Weapon

Pretty early in the movie, during a conversation with Wu and Lloyd, it’s revealed that there is an “Ultimate Weapon”. A picture of the weapon is shown and it’s recognizable from first sight. Soon after, it is confirmed that this ultimate weapon is a laser pointer and is used to summon the great “Meowthra”. During a confrontation with Garmadon’s new Shark Mech, Lloyd decides his only course of action is to use the ultimate weapon, even against Wu’s warning. Lloyd faces Garmadon and blasts the laser pointer right at the Shark Mech…and nothing happens. A few seconds, and one homage to Jurassic Park, later it is revealed that a giant, real-life, cat is the ultimate weapon. Quickly, Garmadon seizes this opportunity and uses the laser pointer to wreak havoc on Ninjago City, destroying each of the Ninja Mechs in the process.


Bringing in a cat was both funny and clever. It allows the levity that is needed in a film like this to be special. This was something that was missing from The LEGO Batman movie, to its detriment. More of that later. Placing the movie in the confines of the real world works on a very meta level. For kids especially, it makes the magic of Ninjago come to life. It also helps that Meowthra is hilarious. Anyone know has a cat can sympathize with it’s overall desire to ruin everything you love. The most surprising thing of all though was that the ultimate weapon wasn’t even the crux of the movie. That was in fact, the “Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon.”

#2 – Ultimate Ultimate Weapon

After the Ultimate Weapon was revealed within the first 30 minutes of the film, Wu instructs the Ninja that the only weapon that can stop the ultimate weapon is the “Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon”. To find the ultimate, ultimate weapon the Ninja have to travel to the origins of Ninjago and retrieve the weapon there. Garmadon intercepts the team and fights with Wu. Wu is defeated and left adrift down the river. The Ninja decide that, without Wu, they need a Ninja Master to lead them on their journey and decide to join forces with Garmadon. This adventure leads the team to the abandoned temple and former home of the Garmadon’s. Here Lloyd finds a treasure chest with the ultimate, ultimate weapon, which turns out to be an elemental LEGO piece for each of the Ninja corresponding to their element of choice: Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, Lightning, and Green.


After a fight with Garmadon, the Ninja are left to die in the collapsing temple while Garmadon escapes with the ultimate, ultimate weapon. Just before all hope is lost, Lloyd realizes that the ultimate, ultimate weapon was not in the treasure chest, but inside of the Ninja all along. With his leadership, each of the Ninja use their inner abilities to escape the temple and head back to Ninjago for a final showdown. This revelation was really the emotional heart of the film, when Lloyd realizes that his inner power, green, is life. He brings everyone together. He brought his mom and dad together, he brought the ninjas together, and then he faces Meowthra face to face and saves the day. In the TV Series, Lloyd’s special ability is actually the ability to use all of the elements, so it will be interesting to see how this “Green” element evolves in the next film, if in fact there is a next film.

#3 – Garmadon’s Form

If you are a fan of Ninjago then you are probably aware of the TV Series, if not very familiar with it. To date there have been a total of 7 season of the show. One aspect of the show that is continued here is that Lloyd, the Green Ninja, is Garmadon’s son. In the TV Show, Garmadon was once a Ninja Master and teacher much like Sensei Wu. Garmadon and Wu were close friends, but not related. Garmadon was bitten by a snake and infected with an ancient evil that eventually lead Garmadon to become a villain and fight the Ninja. It was also during the show that Garmadon gained 4 arms so that he could possess the 4 golden weapons to finally rule Ninjago City.


The movie deviates the origin of Garmadon quite a bit. For starters, he is the actual brother of Wu, which also makes Wu Lloyd’s uncle. Garmadon is also shown with Black skin and 4 arms with no mention if that is his natural state or not. While traveling with the Ninjas, they do address the 4 arms, which Garmadon explains was the result of a “Snake Bite” which is a great easter egg for fans of the series. That line is played off as a joke so there is no definite answer to where the arms came from. In the TV series, when they wrapped up the Garmadon storyline, Garmadon was transformed back into his pale skinned, 2-armed LEGO self and began working with the Ninja. There is no indication that this will be the case in The LEGO Ninjago Movie universe. What is clear, is that there is a lot more about Garmadon to explore.

#4 –  The Lady Iron Dragon

The LEGO Ninjago Movie includes Lloyd’s mom, Misako, or Koko for short, voiced by Olivia Munn. Koko is much younger than her TV counterpart. The movie paints her as a loving, while somewhat over protective mother to Lloyd. She is unaware that he is the Green Ninja until the end of the film. However, the surprise for her character comes near the end of the 2nd act, when we learn that she used to be a famed ninja warrior herself…and also Nya’s idol…The Lady Iron Dragon.


We are given the backstory of Lloyd’s parents by Garmadon. He says that he met The Lady Iron Dragon on the field of battle and they fell in love. Once Lloyd was born, Koko chose to give up a life of fighting to provide for her son, but Garmadon wasn’t willing to do the same. This makes the characters of both Koko and Garmadon that much more intriguing. The movie ends with Garmadon turning over a new leaf to be with Koko and Lloyd. It will be interesting, and probably hilarious, to watch Garmadon try to cope with normal life in a sequel. All of the foundation is there for both Koko and Garmadon to join the Ninja’s on whatever journey comes next.

#5 – The Real World

Fans were not really sure what to expect when The LEGO Movie premiered in 2014. The movie shocked and delighted with it’s hilarious and heartwarming adventure. However, what really made the movie stand out was the inclusion of the real world. It started with the “Kragle” and the Piece of Resistance. However, it culminated in a mind bending sequence were Emmett visits the real world. While this meta idea was excluded from The LEGO Batman Movie completely, it is an integral part of The LEGO Ninjago Movie.


The movie opens on a kid stepping into an Antique shop. The kid meets the wise old shopkeeper, played by Jackie Chan. When Chan sees that the kid has a beat up Lloyd Minifigure, it prompts the old man to share a story with the kid. By peering through an aquarium, the story transforms into The LEGO Ninjago Movie. We already talked about The Ultimate Weapon, but that weapon was a laser pointer that called the shop owner’s cat into the city. The animated section then ends with Wu, now voiced by Jackie Chan, breaking the fourth wall and narrating the final moments of the story. The film’s epilogue wraps with the shopkeeper once again talking to the boy. After their interaction, the shopkeeper agrees to teach the young boy Kung Fu. Much like The LEGO Movie using the toys as a way to discuss the real world issue of conformity vs creativity, The LEGO Ninjago Movie uses it’s toy world to talk about themes of self esteem and teamwork. I really hope we see this meta vision of the LEGO Movie Universe continue to evolve in the future.

So, there you have it, five spoilers I pulled out of The LEGO Ninjago Movie. What do you think about the Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon? Do you like Koko being a great Ninja Warrior? Do you care that Garmadon still has 4 Arms? Did I miss anything else you want to talk about? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @geekfamilymedia.


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