The 5 W’s of Cuphead

The 5 W’s is a series here at Geek Family Media where we break down the important questions of something that we are geeking out about: What it is, Who is it for, Why should you care, and When and Where you can find it. Today’s Subject is:


  • Title: Cuphead
  • Developer: Studio MDHR
  • Publisher: Studio MDHR
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Action
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC

What is it?

Cuphead is a hand drawn, 2D action platformer starring Cuphead and his best pal Mugman. Similar to games like Mega Man and Contra, players control Cuphead as he runs and guns his way through standard platforming levels and tough-as-nails boss encounters. There are various weapons and powerups to unlock along the way to help you on your journey to stopping the Devil.

Who is it For?

Cuphead is unapologetically hard, which is perfect for hardcore, old school gamers. Gamers who grew up memorizing the patterns of every Mega Man boss or wiping everything off the screen in Metal Slug will find themselves right at home. Players looking for a casual and easy experience should think twice before buying Cuphead.

It also worth noting that Cuphead is a console exclusive game for the Xbox One. The game is available on Steam, but it will only be available on the Xbox One Home Console. The Xbox One has had a rough year for exclusive content so this is a huge win for the Xbox One owners out there.

Why Should I Care? 

Cuphead is a rare and masterfully crafted video game. The entire game is hand drawn in a 30’s style animation. The amount of detail and care that Studio MDHR put into Cuphead is evident when the game loads for the first time. Few games these days raise your expectations for what a videogame can..and should be. Cuphead is clearly one of those games.

Gameplay is king, especially with a twitch based run and gun game like Cuphead. Timing jumps just right while dodging a flurry of attacks can push a gamer to their limits. What’s vital for these games is that the controls are perfect. The good news here is that Cuphead plays with laser point precision. The game is hard and at times unfair but with super tight controls the player never faces a challenge that can’t be overcome. The gamer will die often, and sometimes very quickly, but the levels are designed to be small bursts of challege that can be memorized. With the right weapon set and keen reflexes, learning the pattern and rhythm of a level or boss is just part of the experience.


When and Where Can I Find It?

Cuphead is available, digital only, right now on the Xbox Store or Steam for $19.99



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