The 5 W’s of Golf Story

The 5 W’s is a series here at Geek Family Media where we break down the important questions of something that we are geeking out about: What it is, Who is it for, Why you should care, and When and Where you can find it. Today’s Subject is:


  • Title: Golf Story
  • Developer: Sidebar Games
  • Publisher: Sidebar Games
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

What is it?

Golf Story is a pixel art, golf adventure game. The player is an aspiring golfer who is looking to become a pro. The player will journey to various golf courses to complete tasks to level the character up. While the game will have the player competing in standard golf courses, there are also various jobs to be completed in the world like mowing the grass or digging for treasure. All of this contributes to the character’s journey of becoming a Golf Pro to make his father proud.

Who is it For?

Golf Story is an all ages games so it is really for everyone. Fans of both Golf games and light RPG Adventure games should pay close attention. There is a fully competent Golf Game included. With the ability to change clubs, view slopes on the green, and pull off the perfect shot. This might not be PGA Tour, but it’s very well done and great for the video game golfer out there.

For the Adventure and RPG fan, the game is filled with nuance. From wacky characters to disc golf bullies to fetch quests, there is a special charm that fans of 90’s Adventure RPG games will appreciate. Golf Story isn’t going to be a 100 hour RPG like Chrono Trigger but there is plenty to keep Adventure fans of all ages busy for a dozen hours or more.

Why Should I Care?

Pixel Art games are nostalgic and gorgeous when done right, and Golf Story is done right. The game is filled with the charm of early to mid 90’s games while still be relevant to games of today. For gamers that long for the chance to meet cavemen on a golf course or chip plants into the water to feed fish, there is a lot to love in Golf Story.

It’s also worth pointing out that Golf Story is, in fact, a golf game. While it’s easy to be allured by the art style and Adventure RPG nature of the game, at it’s core is a really solid golf game. The setup is simple to grasp. The player hits the action button to start a meter. The first tap of the action button, once the meter stops, determines power, and the second determines accuracy. There are also options for precision mode which allows players to adjust the meter so the perfect shot for that hole can be achieved. There are also various clubs the player can find or buy during the game that will boost stats. If that wasn’t enough, there are also mini-golf and disc-golf courses around each hub area to add even more depth and gameplay.


When and Where Can I Find It?

Golf Story is currently only available as a digital download for the Nintendo Switch. You can download it now on the eShop for $14.99.



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