The 5 W’s of LEGO Brickheadz

The 5 W’s is a series here at Geek Family Media where we break down the important questions of something that we are geeking out about: What it is, Who is it for, Why should you care, and When and Where you can find it. Today’s Subject is:


  • Title: LEGO Brickheadz
  • Company: The LEGO Group
  • Age Range: 10+

What is it?

LEGO Brickheadz are a new line of LEGO sets aimed at a collector’s market. The Brickheadz sets are based on various pop culture characters such as Batman, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Belle from The Beauty and the Beast. The sets are perfect for collectors and include base plates for displaying.

Who is it For?

It is clear that LEGO is aiming for an older audience with the Brickheadz line. The box lists the sets at 10+ years. The sets consist of a variety of smaller pieces and more intricate detail. Think the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series line, just much smaller scale.

It is also clear that the Brickheadz are meant for collectors. They are all of the same size, which is great when lining them up one after one. As mentioned before, each figure also comes with a base, allowing the perfect method of displaying the figure.


Why Should You Care?

It’s LEGO. Next point. Actually that is the best place to start. Most people reading this, the geeks out there, have SOME experience with LEGO. It might be as a kid building on the floor with a sibling. Maybe it’s working on a school science project building the perfect Rube Goldberg machine. Of course, there are those who are reading this while looking at the giant X-Wing fighter on their desk. The point is, LEGO is a part of a geek’s DNA.

The Brickheadz line really caters to the adult who is still a LEGOmaniac on the inside. Plenty older “kids’ still buy and build Batmobiles and Coast Guard Rescue Boats and Futuristic Space Cops, but as a Teen or Adult it is much harder to find places to display or showcase those amazing creations. This is the perfect place for the Brickheadz line. It allows fans to get the joy and exhilaration of building a new LEGO and then the pride of sitting the simple and cute figure on a desk or a shelf or a bookcase somewhere. It becomes uniform with the other Brickheadz. Each Brickheadz is affordable and unique which adds to the appeal. For example, if you wanted to collect all of The Last Jedi LEGO Sets, you will be spending over $400 and also struggle with finding a place to put the sets. In contrast, you can buy every Brickheadz available as of writing this for $140 and fit all of the sets on a single shelf.

Finally, it’s worth noting that LEGO gets to work with some of the best licences around. Currently, the Brickheadz line consist of Marvel Heroes, Batman Figures, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ninjago, and Beauty and the Beast. While LEGO might never reach the breadth of characters that Funko Pop Vinyls have, LEGO has a deep relationship with a lot of huge brands which means the potential for future Brickheadz range from Star Wars to Toy Story to Scooby Doo and so much more. For a fan of pop culture, this is a huge draw. Sharing small piece of fandom built by hand.


When and Where Can You Find It?

The first wave of LEGO Brickheadz are available right now. You can find them at most retailers: Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, etc. You can also buy each of them online at Each set retails for $9.99.


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