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There are few things more daring and exciting to a kid then sailing the high seas as a pirate captain in search of buried treasure. Thanks to Avokiddo’s new game, We ARGH Pirates!, kids can enjoy the high seas from the comfort of their own living room. We are here to review We ARGH Pirates! and see if this game is seafaring ready or left at the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker. 


  • Title: We ARGH Pirates!
  • Developer: Avokiddo
  • Release Date: November 8th, 2017
  • Playable On: iOS and Android Devices
  • Reviewed on: iOS
  • Review Copy: Review Code Provided by Developer
  • Reviewed By: Chris White
  • Story Completed: YES

Yo Ho, Yo Ho

Avokiddo, mostly known for their fantastic series Thinkrolls, delivers its first Pirate adventure game with We ARGH Pirates! We ARGH Pirates! Let’s players control a handful of colorful characters like Claire “Long Hair”, Captain Rose, and my personal favorite, The Zany Granny. Players will control the characters, and even Captain Rose’ pirate ship, by tapping and dragging their fingers along the touch screen. The game plays like a point and click adventure for kids. Search an area for items that will help unlock a new path or objective.

We ARGH Pirates! is aimed at a young audience. Avokiddo says “For ages 6 and up” and I can confirm that this is a good range. 3 of my kids played this game which include an 11 year old, an 8 year old, and a 4 year old. All three are familiar with touch screen games and had no issues picking up and jumping right into We ARGH Pirates!. The 4 year old did have a little trouble with a few of the puzzles, but nothing his big brother or sister couldn’t help him solve. In the end, this was a perfect game for all of them to enjoy both separately and together. 


A Pirate’s Life for Me

There are 2 core mechanics in We ARGH Pirates! The first comes in the way of on-foot sections. Here players will tap or swipe to where they want the character to move and then interact with items in the world by touching them. This plays out in various ways like digging holes, turning statues, and picking doors. The other main mechanic has the player controlling the ship in a side scrolling level. Here, the player will swipe up to allow the ship to jump over obstacles and collect cannon balls to assist with the journey. The controls are precise and intuitive. There is never a moment in the game where the player doesn’t feel in complete control.

The Story of We ARGH Pirates! is left to the imagination. The game opens with the motley crew finding a treasure map and then it’s off to adventure. There is no written or voiced dialogue and no real story structure outside of finding the treasure at the end of the map. Still, even without dialogue or a story structure, the characters do all have a distinct voice using amazing sound design from both character sounds to music and atmosphere. Each character makes gibberish sounds as they search the area for keys or fire cannons at the nearby rocks. It’s very comical and allows each character to have their own unique personality. This adds to the engagement with the player and was something that the kids loved. It was reminiscent of characters from The Sims or Animal crossing, bursting with personality while never really saying anything.

Shiver Me Timbers

There is something that needs to be address, We ARGH Pirates! is gorgeous. It follows a similar art style of past Avokiddo games, which is a paper cutout aesthetic. The visuals are vibrant and colorful and pop off the screen, especially on devices with higher definition screens like the Retina screens on iOS devices. We played the game on 2nd Gen iPad Minis (non-retina) which is what the kids have. I also played the game on my iPhone 7 Plus which was nice. However, it was when I loaded the game on my 2017 iPad Pro that I was taken aback. On the right screen this game is breathtaking.


While the game looks fantastic and plays tight, my biggest complaint with the game is with it’s length. I beat the entirety of the game in 25 minutes…and that was without rushing. My 11 year old beat the game in about 45 minutes and the 8 year old beat the game in just under an hour. I can’t be too critical of this because it is made for a younger audience and there is something to say for games that are accessible to younger kids by letting them achieve game completion. Still, it would have been nice to have more post-game content for the older kids like leader boards to share or secret achievements to find. 

Final Thoughts

We ARGH Pirates Kids

Everyone in my family was positive on the time spend with We ARGH Pirates. The game looks brilliant, has great sound design, and is simple enough to control while still offering a mild challenge to younger players. The game costs $3.99 with no DLC or Micro-Transactions which is fantastic. It also supports Family Sharing on iOS, so you don’t have to buy a copy of the game for everyone in the family. While I would have loved to see a leader board to extend the playtime after the game is complete, what was provided is super fun of the highest quality. I would say the sweet stop for this game is in the 6-10 year old range, so if you have kids around that age I would highly recommend checking out We ARGH Pirates!

Final Verdict:



  • Beautiful Art Style
  • Intuitive and Responsive Touch Controls
  • Pirates!


  • On the Short Side
  • Not Much to Do After Completion



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