Here’s Looking At You Brickheadz | Level Up


In March this year, LEGO introduced a new line of sets called “Brickheadz.” Brickheadz capitalizes on the popularity of pop culture vinyl collectible figures by marrying them to the LEGO brand. The initial wave includes a variety of characters which include Captain America and Iron Man from Marvel, Batman and Joker from DC, Belle and Beast from Beauty in and the Beast, and Jack Sparrow and Armando Salazar from Pirates of the Caribbean, just to name a few. There are 3 very distinct reasons that I think LEGO Brickheadz are going to be the next big thing for the LEGO group.

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Getting Fidget With It | Level Up

levelup_fidgetspinnersThe latest craze to hit the youth of the world is a small piece of metal or plastic with a bearing in the middle allowing it to spin. They are more fondly referred to as, “Fidget Spinners.” So is this new fad worth your attention or is just another in a long line of forgotten gadgets. The answer might be both.

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