Guest Appearance on Nintendo Dad’s Podcast

I was able to make a guest appearance on the Nintendo Dad’s Podcast last week. We talked a lot about Switch and Zelda and about just how gross kids are. You can watch the full show below. You should also follow Nintendo Dads on Twitter!


The LEGO Batman Movie – Review


NOTE: I attempt to write all of my reviews SPOILER free, however read at your own risk. I may hint or mention something that might spoil the experience. 

In 2004, Warner Bros. shocked the world with the release of The LEGO Movie. It wasn’t that The LEGO Movie was good…it was that the LEGO Movie was great. Batman was a supporting cast member in The LEGO Movie and was very well received. Shortly after The LEGO Movie’s success, Warner green lit a solo LEGO Batman movie. My anticipation couldn’t be higher for The LEGO Batman Movie. Everything Warner showed was perfect. So does The LEGO Batman Movie stand tall above the Gotham skyline or fall short somewhere in Crime Alley? I’d say a bit of both.

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Nintendo Switch Predictions

Unless you are living under a rock you are aware that Nintendo will be hosting an event on January 13th in Japan to share all things Nintendo Switch. Nintendo revealed the brand new Home/Portable Hybrid console via a video back in October.

Nintendo has said very little about the Switch since the reveal in October citing that they will share all of the details at the January Event. We are now just a few days away from finding out all that Switch has to offer so I thought I’d run down my final predictions for Switch here.

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